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Three Reasons You Should Remove a Tooth

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Fill in the blank.

__________ is like pulling teeth .

What does that phrase mean to you?

According to Merriam-Webster, people use this phrase to mean something is “very difficult and frustrating.” We’re betting they’ve never been to Stonecreek Dental Care.

At our locations throughout Ohio, tooth extractions are easy, effective, and pain-free.

Ideally, neither you nor anyone in your family will ever need to have any teeth removed. Yet, millions of teeth are extracted across the United States every year.

Today we want to discuss three reasons removing a tooth is a good idea.

Call us at 877-959-5405 to schedule an appointment at any of our locations. If you are concerned, one of our dentists can examine your mouth to let you know if an extraction might be in your best interests.


1. Damaged Teeth

It would be wonderful if no one ever had a cavity. If no one ever got cavities, then there would be a lot few infected teeth.

Getting a filling or a dental crown often can stop tooth decay in its tracks. Even wait too long and do develop a tooth infection, we can normally remove the infection and restore your tooth with a root canal treatment.

However, a bad infection may have caused so much damage that you don’t have enough of a tooth left to save. In those circumstances, removing the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant and a crown is your best option.

The same can be said for someone who has injured a tooth. A deep break or crack can also lead to an infection or weaken the tooth to a point at which it can’t support a crown.

In this situation, an implant-supported crown will restore your smile and help you keep eating the foods that you love.

2. Wisdom Teeth Gone Bad

We don’t need wisdom teeth just like we don’t need an appendix. Yet, both of them can cause us a lot of problems if something goes wrong.

With the help of digital X-rays, we can monitor wisdom teeth as they develop, which means we can often identify potential problems before they occur. Wisdom teeth often become impacted, which means they are not able to erupt correctly.

When this happens wisdom teeth can push into the rest of your teeth, changing the alignment of your smile. This also can increase the risk of infections, including decay and gum disease.

Removing your wisdom teeth can avoid recurring problems in the future.

3. Preparing for Orthodontic Care

If your teeth are not lined up straight, it affects your smile as well as your ability to clean your teeth effectively. Orthodontic care, such as Invisalign®, can get your teeth in line.

Sometimes, however, a few teeth are so out of place that they would make this treatment far more complicated. In those circumstances, we may recommend removing the most problematic teeth first.

This will make it easier to straighten your teeth and reduce the time needed to complete your treatment.


Talk to Us

The best way to know if your teeth are in good shape is regular dental checkups at any Stonecreek Dental Care location in Ohio. We will make every effort to save your teeth, and we’ll let you know when a tooth extraction is in your best interests.

To schedule your next appointment, contact us online or call 877-959-5405.


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