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Viola is a busy working mom in a family of five. Getting the whole family scheduled for dentist appointments once proved challenging, but then she started bringing everyone to Stonecreek Dental Care. Our flexible hours and helpful administrative team make it so that Viola and her family can come in for routine checkups and cleanings without missing school or work.

“Stonecreek is very nice,” she said. “They set us up so we do all of them back to back. We kind of infiltrate the office. They line us all up in rooms, and we’re in and out in like an hour.”

Viola loves the high-quality family dentistry at Stonecreek Dental Care, but she also loves that we are truly a team that cares about people. Watch this video to learn about why Viola keeps bringing her family back to our office.

Then, if you’re looking for personalized dental care, call us at our Centerville, OH location or any of our convenient locations across the state!

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