Dental Sedation Can End Your Fear of the Dentist

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We’re not sure why dentists are so often portrayed as bad guys in popular culture. If you’ve winced your way through the scene where Laurence Olivier tortures Dustin Hoffman with dental instruments in the 1976 movie “Marathon Man,” then you know what we mean. (Haven’t seen it? You can look up that scene on YouTube. We warned you.)

Most dentists go into their field because they like to make people feel better. Still, we understand that visiting the dentist can be a scary experience for some people. Here we discuss some reasons folks fear the dentist. And, more important, some of the ways we’ll ease your dental anxiety.

Chief among them is dental sedation. We offer sedation at all of our central Ohio dentist offices, including Centerville, OH. Even if they don’t end up using dental sedation, our patients appreciate that they can get it if they want it!

For more information about our dental sedation options, call the Stonecreek Dental Care office closest to you.

Don’t Fear the Dentist

In our experience, there are three common reasons for fearing the dentist:

  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of a dentist shaming you for your state of dental health
  • Fear of cost

Fear of Pain

Of the three, fear of pain is probably the one that most often leads people to avoid the dentist. And that’s understandable. Many folks have had a not-so-positive experience at the dentist at least once in their past.

But most dental offices – including ours – are a lot more comfortable than clinical these days! We use equipment that minimizes the sounds and sensations that many people find unpleasant. Not only that, but we offer special touches to make you feel welcome. We even serve fresh cookies in the waiting room of our Centerville, OH dentist office!

Fear of Shaming

Shaming won’t happen at Stonecreek Dental Care! Our dentists and staff are never judgmental. We’ll suggest dental treatments to get your mouth healthy again without giving you a lecture.

Fear of Cost

Fear of cost is certainly understandable. But it’s important to remember that the sooner you address most dental issues, the more affordable your treatment is likely to be.

If you have a cavity, we can treat it with a simple tooth filling. But if you wait and the decay spreads, you’ll need a more expensive restoration like a dental crown or even a root canal. Worst-case scenario, you might even lose a tooth – and replacing a tooth will definitely cost more than getting a filling!

If you’re worried about cost, we offer a dental savings plan that helps you budget for regular dental exams and other services. Call for more information.


Using Dental Sedation For Pain-Free Procedures

While we’ll thoroughly numb your mouth with local anesthesia for any dental procedures where you may experience discomfort, we can also use dental sedation if you’d like.

We offer three types of dental sedation. Our dentists can walk you through all the pros and cons of each approach, some of which we’ve highlighted for you below.

The three types of dental sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation

Not all types of sedation are available at all of our central Ohio dentist offices. For more specific information, we suggest contacting the location you plan to visit.

More About Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is often called “laughing gas,” which gives you a pretty good idea of the effect it has on most people. It produces a feeling of mild euphoria. You’ll receive it through a small mask you wear over your nose.

Benefits of nitrous oxide include:

  • Safe. It’s so safe, we can even give it to children.
  • Effects wear off quickly. You’ll feel like yourself again within minutes. You should even be able to drive yourself home following your procedure.
  • Easy to adjust. If you need more or less nitrous during your procedure, we can easily adjust the amount you receive.

More About Oral Conscious Sedation

With oral conscious sedation, we’ll give you medication to take prior to your procedure. It produces a deeper level of relaxation than nitrous oxide.

Benefits of oral conscious sedation include:

  • Less invasive. Compared to nitrous oxide, which requires you to wear a mask, or IV sedation, which is administered through a vein, oral sedation is less invasive.
  • Responsiveness. While you’ll relax more deeply than with nitrous, you’ll be more aware than with IV sedation and still able to respond to our directions.

More About IV Sedation

We administer IV sedation intravenously. It produces a deeper level of relaxation than nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation.

Among the benefits of IV sedation:

  • Fast-acting. Because it enters your bloodstream, it only takes about a minute to deeply relax you.
  • Good choice for longer procedures. Because we can administer more to keep you relaxed, IV sedation works better than nitrous oxide or oral sedation for lengthier or more complicated procedures.

No matter which type of dental sedation you choose, we monitor you closely throughout your procedure.

To book a procedure where you’ll enjoy the option of dental sedation, call the closest Stonecreek Dental Care location. Or use our online form to make an appointment.

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