Make Tooth Brushing Fun for Your Child [VIDEO]

Teaching a toddler how to do anything can be a challenge. But here’s a tip that should work for tooth brushing (or almost anything else): Make it fun!

That’s part of the advice offered by the American Dental Association in this video, which may answer other questions you have about your child’s oral health, like when to start brushing and how much toothpaste to use.

At Stonecreek Dental Care, our family dentists in Centerville, OH and our other locations enjoy working with patients of all ages, including children. We enjoy educating them about tooth brushing and other aspects of oral health. We’ll even give them a token they can exchange for a toy after their dental visit!

To make an appointment for your child or any other member of your family, visit our locations page or use our online form. We have multiple locations in central Ohio, including Centerville, OH. All of them offer extended hours to make it easy to schedule your visits to the dentist.

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