Will Dental Implants Hurt?

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If you’ve been considering replacing one or more missing teeth, someone has probably recommended you look into dental implants. This teeth replacement solution has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more than 3 million Americans choosing them to restore their smiles.

But you may be wondering what the process of getting a dental implant is like. Even more so, you might be wondering whether the procedure will hurt.

At Stonecreek Dental Care, we take great care in the planning and placement of dental implants. We can also further reduce stress and discomfort with the help of dental sedation.

Read on for ways we can keep you comfortable during your dental implant placement procedure so there are fewer barriers between you and a beautiful new smile. Call us at any one of our locations across Central Ohio to schedule a consultation.

What Is The Dental Implant Procedure Like?

Let’s start with some basics. When you lose a tooth, either to an extraction or other cause, you lose both the visible portion of the tooth (the crown) and the structure that supports the tooth beneath the gums (the root).

It makes sense that if you want to replace a tooth, you’d replace both parts, right?

Dental implants are small posts, usually made out of biocompatible titanium. They’re inserted carefully inserted into the jaw bone to act as artificial tooth roots.

When you come in to have a dental implant placed, we’ll gently place it in the bone socket of the missing tooth. We’ll then give your dental implant a period of time to heal. During this period, the jaw bone will actually begin to heal around the dental implant, just as it would a natural tooth root.

Then, we’ll have you come back to have the dental implant restored based on your needs. We’ll top the dental implant with an abutment, which holds your dental crown or dental bridge in place. You’ll walk out of our office with a brand new smile you can be proud of!

Will The Dental Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

Most patients say that the dental implant placement procedure involves less pain than a routine tooth extraction. There’s actually very little discomfort involved, thanks to the help of anesthesia to numb the area.

How Can I Be More Comfortable During The Procedure?

At Stonecreek Dental Care, we understand that undergoing dental work can be stressful, no matter how skilled the dentist or how well the staff is taking care of you. That’s why we offer dental sedation options.

Dental sedation is the use of medication to affect the way you experience and remember your dental work. Depending on which location you visit, you can get the following forms of dental sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide. This fast-acting form of dental sedation is perhaps better known as “laughing gas.” When you opt for nitrous oxide, you’ll simply take a few deep breaths from a mask we place over your nose, and you’ll begin to feel its effects: a sense of calm and mild euphoria. The effects of nitrous oxide also go away almost immediately once the work is over, so you should be able to drive home afterward and go about your day as usual.
  • Oral conscious sedation. This form of dental sedation is administered in the form of a pill, which we’ll prescribe to you and have you take at a set time before your procedure. You’ll arrive at the office relaxed and ready for your dental work! Some people experience drowsiness under oral conscious sedation, so we ask that you arrange a ride to and from our office if you opt for this form of sedation.
  • IV sedation. This is the deepest form of dental sedation we offer at Stonecreek Dental Care. It’s sometimes known as “twilight conscious sedation” because even though you’ll won’t be fully unconscious, you’ll experience your dental work as if you were in a dream. You’ll be completely relaxed for the duration of your procedure, and we’ll monitor your level of sedation closely to ensure your safety and comfort. As with oral conscious sedation, the effects of IV sedation can last longer than the procedure, so you’ll want to enlist the help of a friend or family member to drive you home.

What Will Recovery Be Like?

After the placement procedure, you might experience a mild soreness where the dental implant was inserted. Fortunately, this discomfort can be relieved with over-the-counter painkillers like Advil or Tylenol.

We’ll give you some post-procedure instructions to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout your recovery and continue to feel great about your dental implants.

Experience The Comfort Of Dental Implants

Once your dental implants have fully healed and been restored, you probably won’t even notice that they’re there! They’ll simply look, feel, and act like natural teeth.

If you’re ready to fill the gaps in your smile, consider Stonecreek Dental Care for all your restorative dentistry needs. Give us a call at any of our locations to schedule a consultation.

You can also request an appointment by filling out our convenient online form.

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