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Routine Dental Cleanings and Dental Exams for Optimal Oral Health

Your dental exams are perhaps the most important service you’ll receive from Stonecreek Dental Care! Here is why:

  • We proactively identify problems so we can quickly and easily resolve them. For example, we can repair a cavity with a simple tooth filling. But for more advanced decay, you might need a root canal or even a tooth extraction.
  • It’s a good opportunity to ask our dentists any questions you might have, and we can make suggestions that help you improve your oral health.
  • We thoroughly screen for serious health conditions such as oral cancer and perform biopsies if needed.

Visit a dental practice who takes your family’s dental exams seriously, call Stonecreek Dental Care at 877-959-5405.

Clean Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Our skilled dental hygienists can reach areas of your mouth that you just can’t get to with your toothbrush and floss!

For example, bacteria collects in “pockets” below your gumline. Our dental hygienists will remove plaque and tartar from those tough-to-reach spots.

How to Have a Great Dental Exam

A dental exam isn’t a test you need to study for, of course! But there are some things you can do to ensure your exam goes well. Try following these suggestions:

  • Brush and floss your teeth before your appointment. That will allow us to focus our efforts on areas that are more difficult to clean.
  • Honestly answer our questions about your family medical history and your current dental care methods. Having complete information will help us give you the best treatment possible!
  • Go ahead and schedule your next dental exam as you leave our dental office. We like to see you at least every six months, and proactively putting it on your calendar will ensure you don’t forget.

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