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Comfortable Tooth Removal is Possible

At Stonecreek Dental Care, our dental team focus on keeping your natural teeth healthy. But sometimes removing teeth is the best decision for your overall oral health. The dental team of Stonecreek Dental Care will make you feel comfortable during the procedure, call our dental team to learn more about what we can do for you.

Fortunately, you’re in good hands! Several of our dentists have extensive experience with oral surgery, including tooth extractions. If one or more of your teeth need to go, we can extract them as quickly and painlessly as possible. We can even remove problematic wisdom teeth!

To talk to us about tooth extractions, call Stonecreek Dental Care at (419) 281-0760 for your free consultation. We offer early and late hours at several of our locations for your convenience.

Dental Sedation to Soothe You

Getting a tooth removed might make you more nervous than a routine dental treatment! But our compassionate team can ease your dental anxiety and make you comfortable. We’ll thoroughly numb your mouth with local anesthesia so you won’t feel pain, and our dentists use the latest technologies and techniques for your tooth extraction.

If you’re still nervous, we offer multiple types of dental sedation. Whether you receive inhaled sedation for a mild euphoria, a heavier oral sedative, or IV sedation, you’ll stay calm and relaxed throughout your procedure.

Why Extract a Tooth?

Here are some situations in which you may need to get a tooth removed:

  • If infection begins destroying your teeth, and we can’t perform a root canal
  • When wisdom teeth are impacted and/or painful
  • If fixing a damaged tooth is less reliable than extracting and replacing it
  • To prepare your mouth for dentures, orthodontics, or other treatments

Replacing Your Tooth After Extraction

If you don’t replace a missing tooth, you risk negatively impacting your overall oral health. You can choose from multiple tooth replacement options at Stonecreek Dental Care, including:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures

You can trust your tooth extraction to our talented dental team at Stonecreek Dental Care dental office. Call (419) 281-0760 to book an appointment. Or use our online form to schedule a free consultation at any of our central Ohio dentist offices.