Oral Hygiene

Excellent Oral Hygiene Ensures a Beautiful Smile

For healthy teeth and gums, you should follow good oral hygiene habits between your regular dental cleanings and dental exams at one of Stonecreek Dental Care’s dental office locations. Keep your healthy oral hygiene with the help of the dental team of Stonecreek Dental Care.

In particular, it’s important to brush and floss every day to remove plaque from your teeth and gums. Plaque is an invisible, sticky film that causes both dental decay and gum disease (periodontal disease).

We’ve included information on brushing and flossing below. We’re also happy to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques during your dental checkups. Call the dental team of Stonecreek Dental Care with any questions between visits at 877-959-5405.

How to Brush Your Teeth

Position your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle where your teeth meet your gums. Gently move your brush in small, circular motions. Clean the outside surface of teeth first, then move to the inside surface of back teeth.

Hold your toothbrush vertically to clean the inside surfaces of your upper and lower front teeth. Finish by brushing the top (biting) surfaces of your teeth.

Additional tooth brushing tips:

  • Use a soft toothbrush. We like electric toothbrushes from Rotadent and Interplak.
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse. According to the American Dental Association, these products can reduce tooth decay by as much as 40 percent when used in conjunction with brushing and flossing.
  • Watch yourself in the mirror as you brush to ensure you clean all your teeth.
  • Make sure you rinse thoroughly when you’re done to remove all the plaque you’ve loosened!

Flossing your teeth

Here are some great flossing tips:

  • Used waxed floss. It’s easier on your teeth and gums.
  • Be gentle to avoid cutting your gums.
  • As with brushing, rinse vigorously to get rid of all the plaque and other debris you’ve loosened.

You should also get a professional dental cleaning every six months. To schedule your dental cleaning, call Stonecreek Dental Care at 877-959-5405. Or use our online form to schedule your appointment with one of our doctors and to keep your healthy oral hygiene.